Betting is popular all over the world and the trend has never seen any disruption in India. We would like to state that betting existed in India even before half of this present population was born. The game, which you play today Satta Matka started operation six decades ago, but even that was not the start. Professional gambling began in India the moment this country achieved independence and in those days people with gambling instincts played a game called Ankur Jugar. It was a nice and popular betting game, but it had one negative aspect. The medium of guessing was dependent on other people’s whims. The concept was about guessing the opening prices of cotton on the next day of the stock exchanges. The game had to be halted soon because stock exchanges worldwide stopped cotton trades.

How is the Satta Matka different from Ankur Jugar?

This halt disrupted the Indian betting industry, but that was short-lived. It was because in quick time the alternative in the form of Satta Matka was in place. This was a number guessing game but perhaps done intentionally so that one need not have to halt operations on the whims of stock market management The game was played first in 1961 and this simple number guessing game is popular even to this date. As we speak the popularity is only soaring because today a lot more people can access the game since it has gone online.

Should I participate in the game online?

We would like to say that if you are comfortable operating internet and computer systems, it is suggested that you participate online. There are some reasons why you are better off participating in the game online.

  • You would perhaps be eager to play Satta Matka legally and the online access is always the best. This way you are always in the good books of the legal agencies. The physical game is still illegal in some states.
  • Online betting presents the scope to win more cash prizes because operators can significantly reduce overhead costs
  • This form of betting should be encouraged in an era where the pandemic is still raising its ugly head.

Is there scope to win prize money?

There are cash prizes to pick up in a bet and it should be no different. Have you by any chance earned prize money from the Satta Matka? You may have guessed one correctly but the key will be to make more frequent correct guesses.  This is the tough part but certainly possible because people are minting money from these games. You must place the bets after accessing tips from experienced participants or even reliable websites. You must also learn to implement the tips by participating in a Free Matka game. This is how you initially get a grasp of the game. Once you are confident then the focus can shift to a real Matka game and there is now the scope to mint lucrative cash prizes. You should be laughing all the way to the bank.


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